Fire & Explosions

Sample Cases

A large Tank Farm gasoline vapor explosion in Puerto Rico. This Tank Farm provided 1/3 of the energy for Puerto Rico. A gasoline storage tank was overfilled by a ship and gasoline entered the water treatment system.

Natural gas explosion at a sausage processing plant where unsafe gas purging killed three workers and sent 71 to the hospital. The explosion resulted in a $70,000,000 loss.

Dismal Swamp fire and related bog-smoldering fire burned thousands of acres. Cause was an excavator with a log cutting attachment. Burned for months. Cost millions of dollars to fight/manage fire as well as resulting ecological damage.

Large conflagration resulting from the ignition of flammable vapors by a diesel vacuum truck. Vapors were created during the cleaning and maintenance of a 6 foot diameter natural gas line. Fire burned for a week. Fire caused by improper operational and safety procedures.

Natural gas explosion at a middle school with loss in excess of $10 million. Initial improper installation of gas piping and lack of safety procedures by contractor were cause. Multiple injuries were involved.

Residential apartment building fire at a University facility. 40 other buildings caught fire or were damaged. There was one fatality. Assisted State Police in determining cause which was poor housekeeping and smoking.

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