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Loss Summary

Forcon was retained by a large international independent adjusting firm to assist with a claim involving hurricane damage to 10 cargo cranes at a container port in the Caribbean.   Two of the cranes were totally destroyed, while the others received varying degrees of damage. One of those other cranes had previously experienced fire damage which Forcon had also investigated and the recommended repairs were scheduled to begin just as the hurricane struck the island. That crane was scrapped as a result of the pre-existing fire damage and additional damage caused by the hurricane. The total cost of the hurricane repairs to the other 7 cranes exceeded $11,000,000 with the total loss, including business interruption, exceeding $50,000,000.

Forcon’s team was led by Vice President, William “Bill” Ver Eecke who was supported by numerous members of Forcon’s team including a crane expert, an electrical & controls expert, and a building consultant. Forcon’s scope of work included the following:

  • Initial assessment of the hurricane damage to the cranes and associated equipment

  • Preparation of preliminary hurricane repair and/or replacement cost estimates

  • Investigation and reporting on why two of the cranes were totally destroyed.

  • Review of tender documents prepared by the Insured’s engineer to identify items in the fixed price scope of work portion that constituted Betterment and not just repairs to the hurricane damage

  • Updating of repair cost estimates based on results of the tender process

  • Review of all invoices submitted by the Insured’s claim’s consultant for repairs to the cranes and all provisional & contingent change orders submitted by the crane repair contractor to assess whether or not the work covered by those invoices and change orders was necessary as a result of the hurricane damage.

  • Review of all ‘stores’ issued by the insured from their inventory during the hurricane repairs and allocated to the cranes or related equipment. This includes items such as straddle carriers to assess whether the issued items were storm damage related versus Betterment and to assess whether or not they had been properly accounted for in the repair contractors invoicing.

  • Conducting periodic site visits to perform detailed inspections of additional damages identified by the repair contractor and to meet with all the parties in an attempt to resolve disputes related to whether or not certain repairs were required due to the hurricane damage.

  • Work with the independent adjusters and insured’s claim’s consultant to continually update the approved claim amount based on documentation submitted and validated to date

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