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Every situation, claim, or case involving a surety bond is unique requiring a range of experts and professionals to support the surety. Forcon's team of experienced professionals are equipped to meet the unique needs of every case. See below for more information on our turn-key Surety claim's services.

Books and records review? Need to understand the financial position of the Principal?  Where is the cash going? What is the status of the project(s)?  We’ll say it again, Forcon has you covered. These questions are just an illustration of what our team of seasoned construction account professionals can provide. 

Our trained professionals maintain adjuster’s licenses across many states and can assist in performing investigations, resolving claims, and providing the surety with the right information.  Once again, Forcon has you covered!

Do you need a seasoned professional to manage the project? What about a drywall expert to examine the end product or a Superintendent to drag that job across the finish line? Forcon has you covered.

How do I know if the estimate is correct for completing this project? How should I set my reserves? Forcon’s team can answer these questions and provide you with reliable information and priceless peace of mind.

Need an expert opinion?  How about an Engineer with experience on all types of unique projects?  Maybe you need someone with experience in civil work, vertical construction, or even electrical work? Maybe you just need someone to review a design or assist in resolving a dispute. Great news, Forcon has you covered!

If only a third party were available to oversee this job and mind the financials.  Forcon’s team of professionals can assist with protecting the Surety, the Principal, and the Obligee through a uniquely designed funds control system.

Do you need assistance with project scheduling?  Whether is a forensic scheduling analysis or a review of the project to understand the delays, Forcon has you covered! Forcon’s scheduling experts understand the math and science behind the scheduling algorithms and can effectively communicate this information.

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To identify the Forcon expert(s) with the expertise you are looking for, you may search by Specialized Expertise by clicking here. If you prefer our assistance with identifying the appropriate expert, you may email your request to [email protected] or call 813-684-7686.

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